Response To A.Wells Regarding Shorty

On Mar 3, 2015 7:37 AM, our rescue received the following email from “A. Wells” through

“I think it’s so wrong that you’re rehoming this 14 year old pooch! I wish I had room for Shorty. And then $200?!? For shame!”

This individual stood in judgement and did not have the decency to include their real phone number or email.
We are taking this opportunity to clarify and address their ridiculous and accusatory email.

Dear A. Wells,
I’m afraid that there has been a gross misunderstanding on your part.
Shorty was surrendered by his previous owners to Chicago Animal Care And Control facility in Chicago in July  of 2014.

If you are not familiar with open admission facilities, please let me take this opportunity  to educate you.  Owner surrenders are the first animals to be euthanized to make room for court case animals and found animals.  They are not allowed any grace period, especially when space is a deciding factor.

Making A Difference Rescue was the only rescue that stepped up to save Shorty’s life.

I have personally fostered, loved and cared for Shorty from the moment that we were able to save him.  I have my own dogs.  I also have another dog that I am fostering.  We made room.  We did not make excuses  because he was old, or because we had no more room or the fact that he needed more care due to his age.
If there is a will, there is a way…anything else is an excuse.

I find it very troubling that you sit in judgement of our efforts to give Shorty a happy and loving life that he so deserves in his golden years.  Perhaps you do not understand the costs involved in vetting, dental costs and bringing up to date vaccinations that had been ignored by his previous owners…especially for a senior dog.  Surely you have taken your own dogs to a vet and know that these costs amount to much more than $200.

“And then $200?  For shame!”
Shame on us for charging less than what it cost to actually save Shorty?  Shame on us for using his adoption fee when he finds his forever home to save another animal in need?

Our rescue is 100% volunteer.
No one is paid.  Not one penny goes into our pockets.  We pay our own gas for transport to and from shelters, vets and home visits.  We give up our own time with our own families in order to help animals find their forever home.

We are a 501(c)(3) rescue and rely solely on the compassion and generosity of good hearts to foster and donate to help our cause.
Perhaps you will find it in your heart to donate to our rescue because we cared enough to find the time and make room for a gentle dog that did not deserve to die because he grew old.

Amaliya DeLuxx
Proud to be a Making A Difference Rescue Volunteer