Hero’s Story


We are overjoyed to announce that Hero has found his forever home with his foster mommy.  She could not let this baby go.  He has become a real life hero to her by protecting her when an intruder tried to break in.

Thank you for loving and caring for Hero.

Hero and his mommy.



In 2009, our founder, Liz received an email from Animal Control regarding a dog that urgently needed care.

A woman had found a dog abandoned in her yard.  From first glance, the woman was sure that he was dead.  The dog had collapsed from malnutrition.


Liz received a picture of him with the simple words, “Help me.”   Liz has named him Hero, because despite being abused and neglected, his heart is still so big and he has so much love left inside of him.

Please give a second chance at life.

In the past year, he has been fostered by a wonderful woman who has nursed him back to health.  He has been fully vetted, neutered and an all around sweetheart.

Could you please open your hearts and your home to this sweet boy?

Please give him a second chance at life, please give him the forever home that he deserves.