Adoption Requirements

Please note that each individual animal adoption is handled on a case to case basis dependent on the needs of an animal.

We do not discriminate based on race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, marital status, nor the presence of a medical condition, or disability.

It is our mission to find the proper fit for each animal so that they may find their forever home.

We will not adopt animals to individuals without verifiable income, housing, or under the age of 21.

Submitting an online application does not guarantee placement of any animal or imply any hold.

Failure to submit an online application will delay the screening process.

We will not make ANY arrangements for a meet and greet or home visit until an application has been submitted and potential family screened.

Home Visits

In order to adopt any animal from our rescue, please be aware that a home visit, background screening, reference check as well as a meet and greet are required.  We do these things in order to ensure the safety and well being for our animals and to ensure a good fit for prospective adopter(s).

Our volunteers donate their time and pay for their travel expenses out of their own pocket.

Please understand that we can not adopt our animals out of state because we can not provide support nor ask our volunteers to travel great distances in order to perform home visits or meet and greets.

Depending on where our animal is located, we prefer to adopt our animals within 25 miles of either Channahon or Chicago.

Meet & Greets

An at Home Visit/ Meet and Greet is a requirement to adopt from our rescue.  It is for this very reason that we have made it explicitly clear how far we are willing to adopt per listed animal.

If there are existing animals in your home, we must also require that they be present for a meet and greet.

We do require that existing animals be fully vaccinated and up to date on their vetting.
We also require that the adopted animal and/ or existing animals in the home be spayed or neutered.

All adults living in the home must also consent to acknowledging that they permit the animal in their home.  We also require that any children be present as well for introduction for the safety and well-being of our rescued animals.

These are all necessary steps that our rescue must make to determine if an animal is the right fit for the interested parties.

Please be aware we will decline an adoption if we find information that differs from what is shared by the applicant. We will also decline an adoption if we feel in any way that our rescued animal is not a good fit in a potential home due to behaviors exhibited by other animals, children, or others living in the household.
We are adamant that we will never knowingly place our rescued animals in potential danger nor put other animals, children, or people in danger.

If we know that a dog or a cat can not be placed in a home with children, other dogs, cats or other animals; it will be disclosed in our postings.

We will not entertain or negotiate placement of animals that we do not feel are a good fit nor will we negotiate adoption fees.


We can not determine or guarantee any animal’s breed composition.   We can not guarantee that any animal is 100% housebroken. We can only provide the general health of an animal by what is disclosed to us by our vet as well as behaviors witnessed by their foster homes.

We will provide any information and history that we can regarding an animal’s temperament, likes, dislikes, etc. based our experience and knowledge of the animal while it is in our rescue.

Adoption Fees

Our adoption fee includes a wellness exam, spay/neuter, age-appropriate vaccinations at time of adoption, de-worming, fecal test, heartworm test, and micro-chip.

Please note that all animals are micro-chipped to our rescue as the primary contact.  We do this to ensure that any and all of our adopted or fostered animals will forever be safe.

Our adoption fees vary according to age, and extent of medical costs.   There are times that the animals that come into our care require dental, extractions, surgeries, and treatment for wounds and infections, boarding or training.

Puppies start at $450 & up.

Dogs between the age of  1 – 6 years  start at $350 & up.

Seniors range from $300 & up.

Felines under 1 years old range from $150 & up.

Felines over 1 years old $125.

We do at times adopt out Rabbits, Birds, and other species.

Adoption fees helps offset the costs that we put into their vetting and care; often times we know that their medical costs, food, supplies, and in some cases boarding, far exceed their adoption fees.

No profit is ever made on the animals that we adopt out.
All monies go into the vetting, care, and rescue of other animals that are in need.

Please know that we do ask in our contract that you are allowing us to follow up periodically to check on the health and well being of the animal and to provide support when needed.

We do appreciate any updates and photos to ensure that the animal is loved and well cared for.


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