Making A Difference Rescue Sanctuary

What is a Sanctuary Dog?

Making A Difference Rescue stands committed to the animals that we have been able to help.  Their story does not end with a “pull” from the shelter, nor at adoption.

There are times that we come across an animal that we can not walk away from.  They sometimes come to us in a way that we feel that we can not out of good conscience adopt them out to the public as they may have behavioral  or aggression problems/ require more experienced handlers, or simply may suffer from long term or terminal illness.   There are also dogs that have waited so long for their forever homes that we feel that it be in their best interest to remain in the homes of their caretakers.

Making A Difference Sanctuary Animals will remain within the care of our rescue and loved the rest of their lives.

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Sanctuary Roster

Forever RIP

Brownie joined our rescue in 2008.  Brownie came to our rescue severely traumatized by the abuse that she suffered in her previous home. Our rescue founder, Liz and her family, decided it best that she be cared for and remain in their own home to keep her safe. Stability was crucial so that she could learn to trust and she truly learned the meaning of love.



Diesel joined our rescue in September of 2012.  He is an American Bulldog mix.   He was already considered a senior at 7 1/2 years of age.  He was dumped at Chicago Animal Care And Control.  He was not socialized with children.  He is fine in public with passing other dogs but could not safely be around any dogs within a household.  He had received several rounds of subpar doggy boot camp training previous to joining our rescue.  He had many trust and confidence issues.  It was decided that he would remain within Making A Difference Rescue and become a sanctuary dog.


Max has been with our rescue since October 2012.