Samson’s Story


We are overjoyed to share the news that Samson has found his forever home!
There are no words that could ever express the joy and gratitude that we feel right at this moment.  Samson has been waiting for this day.  We have been waiting for this day.  We knew that somewhere out there, someone with a heart so big would look past his age, his failing eyes and love him with all of their heart.  Thank you Danita and Jeffrey!

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Samson “Sammy” is looking for a loving forever home.
He is a black and tan Cocker Spaniel. We believe that he is between 5-6 years of age.

See pictures of Samson’s ordeal  here.  We must forewarn you that the pictures are quite graphic.

Samson came to our rescue as an abandoned pet. The physical state that we found him in was deplorable. He was badly in need of a good grooming as his hair was so overgrown and matted that he could not move as he was frozen in place to bits of ice. Underneath several pounds of hair was the most beautiful sweet boy. His foster has given him so much love and has worked very hard with him. He has proven to be a really good boy that loves everyone. He just wants to love and be loved.

Samson gets along with kids as well as dogs and cats. He would make a wonderful companion or family pet.

Samson is a true rescue dog that has touched many hearts already. Even tho his eyesight is starting to fail, it doesn’t slow Sammy down. He is smart & would adjust just fine to his surroundings.

It has been discovered that Samson is in need of cataract surgery.

If you would like to sponsor Samson, your tax deductible donations may be made through Paypal on our website so that we can get Samson the surgery that he desperately needs.

Thank you.

We require an at home evaluation and screening prior to adoption. We do this to ensure that our animals will go to safe forever homes. Due to distance and travel time, we do not adopt our animals to individuals or families out of state. We ask that you please call and inquire whether we are able to travel to your area.

For more info, contact Liz at (815) 258-5892 or email her at