Angel’s Story



The images below are graphic.


This is the female choc lab mix that was used for bait in a pit bull fight. Her new owners, Don & Donna have named her “ANGEL”. She looks so much better in these pictures than the night before. Of course, her eye isn’t hanging out of the socket nor her flesh tore wide open with maggots literally coming out of them. She was found walking out of the woods (Romeoville area) when she heard the man that rescued her walking his dog. He couldn’t believe his eyes & couldn’t believe that she was trying to walk in that condition. He called….come here girl & she did….she kept following him….. & then he placed her in his car…..he said she was so sweet through it all. She lost her eye, her tail was removed & she has so many stitches!!! The vet says that she must have been in this condition for at least a week before she was found….yes in this humid hot weather with no food or water, I can’t believe she survived!!. (That’s probably why there were maggots because of the extreme hot weather and her tore open severe wounds) She is the sweetest dog & young (1 to 2 yrs old at the most)…..I can’t imagine that someone could do this!! It broke my heart to look at her, she seems scared of the other dogs that are in the vet’s office but she must stay there for a couple of more days. She has several drain tubes, (the maggots that were internal are still coming out) & she must stay on antibiotics. The vet, Dr. Cesar Agustin, has done a wonderful job considering her injuries & has shown her compassion. I know that a lot of people would have wanted to put her to sleep but we couldn’t turn our backs on helping her & I’m sure that you’d have a hard time too…….isn’t this what rescue is all about, helping the innocent animals. After meeting Angel this evening & visiting with her for about 1 1/2 hours I knew without a doubt that I made the right decision to help her. I couldn’t believe how sweet she remained even though I’m sure she’s feeling scared & miserable with pain……Don & Donna comforted her & showed her so much compassion, it was touching. They are willing to open their hearts & home to Angel & are willing to change her life forever.

Many of you remember Angel, our miracle dog. She was the little dog that was used as bait for a dog fight last summer & found in Romeoville, IL. If you want to see previous pictures of Angel, please read her complete story. You won’t believe how wonderful she has healed. Don & Donna said that she is such a happy & friendly dog. She loves to run & play at the park. Don has taken her back to where he originally found her because that is where he has always walked Missy, his other dog. He didn’t take her there for a long time but he wanted her to be a part of everything that Missy gets to do & he didn’t want her to have any fear of that place. Don said that she smelled a little bit around & then ran back on the path & was ready to play & run. She knows she is loved & never has to be afraid again. She has never shown any aggression at all, she’s such a sweetie. She has become a little celebrity (Fox TV News, WJOL Radio Station & the Herald Newspaper) & everyone that meets her, loves her. Angel may have had a rough life before but her life now couldn’t be better. Thank you to everyone that has shown interest or has given support to help Angel. Thank you to Dr Agustin for his compassion & for keeping his kind heart towards animals, his hands healed her….along with prayers. Thank you to Don & Donna for loving Angel the way that she deserves & for giving her a wonderful & safe home that feels like heaven to her.