Our Board

Liz Bagley - FounderLiz Bagley – Founder

“Hi, my name is Liz Bagley and I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2001.
During my battle, I spent time sitting by the window noticing all of God’s little creatures…the birds, squirrels & rabbits. They brought peace to my troubled heart. I noticed 2 dogs across the street (I’ve moved since then) that were left for days without food or water. I would sneak over & take care of them. This cruelty brought sadness and much anger as I became aware of this reality for some animals.

I made God a promise one day, “God when you get me through this illness…..not if you do, but when you do, I will make a difference in this world”. And ever since, I’ve vowed to do everything in my power to prevent other defenseless animals from suffering the same fate. Since my promise, I have helped many animals in need of a loving home.

In 2007, I was blessed to start my own nonprofit rescue. I struggled to find the appropriate name for the organization. One day God spoke to my heart and said, “Why wouldn’t you choose a name to remind you of the promise that you made me to make a difference in the world?” Right away the name “Making A Difference Rescue” came to me. The name of this rescue has a meaning to my heart & reminds me often of my purpose in life. This is the reason that I am so passionate about saving an animal & changing their life forever. Life is precious & ALL life deserves respect.

My family is very understanding & patient while I dedicate a lot of time for this purpose. I am married to a wonderful man, Tony that has always shown me the support that I have needed, TOGETHER we are “Making A Difference”.
~Liz Bagley

Nancy Beavers
Rescue Treasurer
Nancy shares her home with her husband, son, daughter, and fur-family.

Mary Pat
Rescue Secretary
Mary Pat is a feline fanatic.

Amaliya DeLuxx
Intake, Foster, and Adoption Coordinator
Amaliya shares her home with her husband, son, and fur-family.