Please welcome Shorty to Making A Difference Rescue!

Shorty is a 14 year young Black and Tan Pomeranian. He weighs in at 7lbs but his coat makes him appear twice that size in person.

He is extremely sweet and friendly. He walks well on leash, and is not 100% housebroken. He will go outdoors and on pads.
He is a spry little one and shows no sign of his age in his mannerisms.

Shorty is amazing with all the dogs that he has met and has ignored the cats that he encountered at the vets office. He is gentle with children, but is not a fan of being picked up. He will not go on furniture even if you allow him. He is not a cuddler in any way but shows his loyalty and affection by always being near you.

Shorty can be a talker. He will be the first to let you know when he needs to go outside, when it’s time to eat or if other dogs don’t move when he wants to be near you. He can be a real beggar for table scraps and his energy and excitement will fool you as he does not act his age.
He will also be the first to greet you at the door or let you know that there are visitors.

Please remember we can not adopt out of state because a home visit is a requirement. We require an at home evaluation and screening prior to adoption. We do this to ensure that our animals will go to safe forever homes.

We ask that you please email and inquire whether we are able to travel to your area.

If you are interested in providing Shorty a forever home, please fill out our adoption survey

This will expedite your inquiry as we are not able to return phone calls or emails during our own non volunteer working hours.