Max has been waiting patiently for his forever home.  He has been with our rescue for 780 days.
He’s an amazing and affectionate dog… and though he has received many applications, none so far fits the criteria for what we are looking for.  We are holding out for the right home.

Max is 100% housebroken and crate trained.
He has no anxiety issues.
He can deal with fireworks, revving motorcycles, and other loud noises.

He needs a home with NO cats.
He needs a high fence if there is a yard as he has a high prey drive for rabbits, squirrels and rodents.

He is great with other dogs but prefers dogs his own size or smaller.  He does have resource issues with other dogs when high value bones are involved.

He must also be crated when left unsupervised as he will chew socks, underwear, shoes and blankets.

He is truly a phenomenal and loving dog.