Mallie has found her forever home!


We truly believe that dogs choose their people.

It is with great joy and tears that we share the happy news that Mallie has found her forever home with the Good Samaritans that had found her!

This family never stopped thinking about her. They checked in daily with the local animal control to see if anyone had ever claimed her. When no one came forward, they pleaded to adopt her. Unfortunately, due to her condition, this was not an option.
We are grateful to Kristina for reaching out to our rescue and to Andrew for his honest evaluation.

Mallie had an incredible amount of skin issues. She was missing huge patches of fur throughout her body. Our vets were perplexed as she proved to be negative for mange, mites, demodex, scabies or ringworm. Their only conclusion is that she was burned with acid. Despite whatever trauma she has lived through, she remained gentle and sweet.

We are so honored to be a part of her journey. We are even more moved by her new family who didn’t care that she wasn’t perfect in appearance; they just knew that she needed to be loved and given a home and in that she is perfect to them.