Brownie, Forever Loved


We are so saddened to share the news that Brownie, one of our rescue sanctuary dogs passed away this morning.

Brownie came to our rescue severely traumatized by the abuse that she suffered in her previous home. Our rescue founder, Liz and her family, decided it best that she be cared for and remain in their own home to keep her safe. Stability was crucial so that she could learn to trust and she truly learned the meaning of love these past few years.

It has been heartbreaking to know and hear Liz’s pain. Brownie continually suffered from seizures and her heart took a turn these past few months……Liz said it best, “I’ve spent my life helping and rescuing animals whenever I can…and yet I can not save my own”.

Please keep Liz and her family in your hearts and prayers.
Run Free Brownie…..
– MADR Volunteers

Below is a post from Liz’s personal page.

“This pic of Brownie was taken last week.
I’ve been up with brownie since 3:30 AM, she fell back to sleep for awhile but I didn’t. For some reason I just felt restless. As we both laid in bed she woke from a sleep with having one of her episodes at 5 AM…this time I couldn’t bring her out of it. She fought so hard till the end making it even more upsetting. I told her it’s ok Grandma Billie is waiting for you on the other side so you won’t be alone. She didn’t want to leave, but my little Brownie passed away at 7:35 AM.

She didn’t act right all day yesterday but she’s bounced back many times. The last couple of hours have been some of the most horrible heartbreaking moments filled with so many mixed emotions. Please say a prayer for the broken hearts that she left behind, especially mine.

Brownie I loved you soooo much & I don’t regret anything I’ve done for you. I’m so glad I rescued you from the abuse that you were living before, you deserved so much better than you had in your younger years. I couldn’t change your past but I know from the day I rescued you that you felt spoiled and loved in our home. You were my constant faithful little friend and my snuggle buddy for almost 5 years…my heart will never be the same. I miss you so much already, your little kisses, you followed me everywhere, even to the bathroom and I even miss your little growl. Love hurts.

RIP Brownie . You will forever be in my heart.”-
Liz Bagley
Making A Difference Rescue Founder