Bobbie “Marley”s Story

Marley has been reunited with her owners!

Please welcome Bobbie “Marley” to Making A Difference Rescue!!!

Marley is estimated to be 2 years old.
She is a Shih Tzu and weighs 12lbs. She has so far proven to be great with all of the dogs that she has met. We are learning more about her and will provide updates as they come.

She is at this very moment , content and snoring in her foster mom’s arms.


“Last week, Christine M saw a severely matted dog running loose in Englewood on her way to work. She attempted to get close multiple times, but this poor pup kept running away. Katie C drove out there a few days later and discovered this dog was with another bigger dog in a yard. This guy was also matted, crawling with bugs and neglected. Pictures of the big dog will not yet be disclosed bc he is currently an open cruelty case.

Yesterday, the big dog was taken by CACC, and the matted little dog we were calling Bob Marley bolted out of fear. The owners of the big dog claimed Bob Marley was a visiting stray that came every day and night and kept the big dog company. Bob Marley was so frightened yesterday when the big dog was removed, that he didn’t come back to the yard. We left food and water for him, crossing our fingers that he wouldn’t disappear since his friend was gone.

This morning, thankfully, little Bob Marley was back in the yard. IKatie C baited the trap with some delicious smelling BBQ chicken & bologna and within 10 minutes, SUCCESS!
The mats were so bad, she couldn’t tell if Bob Marley was a boy or girl. Bob allowed her to place a slip lead on, and walked nicely into unloading.

CACC shaved all of that awful dread off and VOILA- Bob Marley IS A GIRL!

Thank you, Christine, for putting the word about her out and keeping watch for her! YOU are the reason she is safe. Everyone in this neighborhood saw her and didn’t blink an eye.”