Adelaide has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

We are saddened to learn that Adelaide has crossed the rainbow bridge.

Forever Rest In Peace, little one.

Courtesy Posting

Adelaide is not available through Making A Difference Rescue.  We are posting her for a friend who is fostering her through another rescue.


Adelaide has been through a lot in her 3 short years of life!
She is most likely a result of puppy mill breeding.
Her previous owners went to the pet store to buy a puppy.
They thought they were doing the right thing by going to a “reputable pet store”.

Adelaide started exhibiting symptoms that something wasn’t right shortly after her owners brought her home.  They discovered she was born with a brain deformity which caused her limited vision, seizures & a habit of circling to the left. Adelaide’s mommy loved her very much & did everything she could for her. After a difficult divorce,  she found herself homeless & had no where safe for Adelaide to stay. With a heavy heart she surrendered Adelaide to a rescue volunteer & prayed someone would step up & give Adelaide the loving home she deserves!

In Adelaide’s short 3 years she has battled her brain disorder, overcoming obstacles that the vets thought she never would. She has dealt with seizures, tests, medicines & being bounced around to 4 different “homes/owners” & yet remains AS SWEET AS THEY COME!!

This loving little girl is more precious than words can say!   Adelaide has a file with copies of her medical care. Her seizures have been well controlled in the past with medication & she is otherwise healthy.

Adelaide is housebroken & will go to the door to let you know that she needs to go potty.   She is super sweet & friendly. She gets along with cats & other dogs. Anyone that meets Adelaide will see & understand why our volunteer had to reach out to save her. Your heart is guaranteed to be touched, Adelaide is just that precious!

Adelaide needs someone special to step up to be her hero. A special person that knows & understands that just because she is different & needs seizure meds that she is still worthy of life & love.   Adelaide has hope, even though she has been let down several times before, that her true special someone will give her the forever home that she deserves so she can feel loved & safe for the rest of her life.

If you are interested in becoming Adelaide’s hero, please complete our adoption inquiry form  so that we can forward it to her foster.