Trooper Goes To His Foster Home April 14th

Kathy was excited to get Trooper into her home & to get him comfortable. He is eating well & taking his meds.

Tuesday, as we talked on the phone I could actually hear Trooper breathing hard while his head was on her lap. Also, his nose has been running a little & the color looked greenish & his legs started to swell.

He went back to the vet for a follow up. Dr Agustin reassured us that Trooper still has a lot of healing to go & that includes his lungs too. The lungs have an infection & some scarring because of injuries. He received some injections, (for infection & the swelling) this healing will take time, it’s serious & he’s not young.

Kathy & Trooper were walking up to the gated area at the vets & the other dogs were outside. They barked at him & he turned around as fast as he could to get away…. he was afraid.

The vet was considering keeping him again & they went to put him in the cage, he peed on the blanket right away. Kathy couldn’t take it, her heart was broke… she knows that he will heal so much faster by being with a family rather than at a vets office & only being around people twice a day, we think he would be depressed & that’s not good for the healing process. He received some TLC from everyone at the vets & Trooper was happy to see them but he didn’t want to stay.

They joked about the stylish t-shirt that Kathy had on him. It keeps him from scratching the wounds & protects them, plus it covers up the worst areas (the stab wounds in the chest & the side) & he almost looks normal, but under that shirt he’s a mess! The only part that doesn’t have scars, wounds or stitches are on the rear end area. Dr Agustin said that the wounds with the stainless steel wire are healing well. He has some other scabs & a few have started to fall off.

Trooper was able to enjoy the sunshine today. He is resting well & he is adjusting. He has shown signs of being nervous & acts afraid of sudden movement….of course after all the stuff that he has been through, he has every right. Kathy said that the eyes still look sad & it’s heartbreaking but I know when he gets feeling better…those eyes will shine! By looking at him….at one time he was a beautiful dog, I love those colors (markings) on his face.

Things are going well with Kathy’s other two dogs, they are such good dogs & having company doesn’t bother them at all. As you can tell by the picture, Kathy is receiving a lot of snuggling time. The picture was taken on Trooper’s first day at her home. You can tell Kathy is getting him calm enough to be able to sit with her and Daisy and Tigger.

Thank you so much for all the prayers & support that everyone has shown Trooper. One day at a time we will heal this dog. Please continue to keep him in your prayers.