Protecting your dog

The Herald News – Joliet (IL)
September 18, 2007

Veterinarian Dr. Cesar Agustin told Don and Donna Huhnke he was fairly sure Angel was someone’s pet. He guessed she either got out or was stolen from someone’s yard and was used as bait in a dog fight. So, how do you keep your beloved canine safe and out of the hands of someone who would do it harm?

Pat Mitchell with Midwest Schipperke Rescue and Liz Bagley of Making a Difference rescue offer the following tips:

• Train your dog to come when it is called. That makes it less likely for him to get away from you.

• Keep in mind if you choose to use an extendable leash, you do not have as much control as you do if use a set length leash. When your dog is 20 feet away from you, having a leash may give a false sense of security.

• While invisible fences might keep your dog in your yard, they will not keep other dogs or people out.

• If you install a standard fence, make sure there is no space between the bottom of the fence and the ground.

• Make sure the fence gate has a lock.

• Have your pet microchipped. If your pet does get out and his collar falls off, there is no real way to identify him. Almost all animal control, rescue and humane society agencies check for microchips.

• If you need to find a home for your pet, go to the person’s home. Do not simply let them come to your home to pick up your pet. Those who intend harm for your pet or are looking for bait for a dog fight could simply act like they want to adopt your animal.