Cody’s 1st Birthday

Yesterday was Cody’s 1st birthday and he celebrated it in a big way!  He was adopted and found his forever home!

Cody once lived in a bathroom all alone and was often starved. His ribs were showing and he was ignored daily; never feeling loved. He was an innocent pup that had no choice, no voice, and was stuck in that horrible life. Our rescue stepped up to change his life and this precious fur-baby will never feel hungry or lonely again.

Cody is such a happy, friendly, playful, loving and forgiving fur-baby. We are so happy that his life has been turned all around.

Rob & Kristine – Thank you so much for opening your home and hearts to Cody. We know that with you he will have all that he’s never had before…the love of a family. We are so happy that you chose to adopt from our rescue again. You adopted Joey several years ago and he is very loved, spoiled and happy.
We are glad that Cody and Joey will be best fur-buds.