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Dixie is in search of her forever home

Dixie has found her forever home!!


Dixie is an American Bulldog/ American Pit Bull Terrier mix. She is guesstimated to be between 18 months old- 3years old.
She currently weighs 49lbs.

She was known as “Tutu” at Chicago Animal Care and Control. She is a Safe Humane Chicago Court Case Dog and comes with lifetime in-home training if needed. She and another dog were found abandoned in a yard in deplorable conditions.

Dixie is very sweet and affectionate. She is 100% crate trained and house broken.
Easy to walk. She is super affectionate and does need time to warm up to new dogs inside of a home. She ignores them on neutral territory.

She is super chill and low key.

We are learning more about her and will have more information as it comes.

She is still recovering from Upper Respiratory Infection but has tested negative for CIV. She has been in ISO boarding and is now currently in a temporary foster home.
She will be spayed when fully healed.

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Application, screening and home visit is required before an adoption can be approved.

Inquiries must be within a reasonable distance of Chicago, IL.

No out of state inquiries accepted.



Lola Update

“Eventually you will come to understand that love heals everything, and love is all there is.” – Gary Zukav

This is what love looks like. This is what love can do.

We wanted to share with you this happy update of MADR alumni, Mallie, now known as Lola.
Her skin and hair have mended when we were told that there was little chance. Her spirit has been lifted and she has truly come out of her shell. We are so grateful for her new family who had found her in her condition and were determined to give her a home and reached out to us to help them help her and for her many angels who advocated for her. She is loved.

If you haven’t read her story, you can read it here:

Roscoe, now known as “Pisac” has found his fur-ever home

We are overjoyed to share the happy news that Roscoe, now known as “Pisac” has found his fur-ever home!

This has been a big month for his new Mommy Marti. She will be completing her CE Certification as Veterinarian Technician. Big sister Nelly is already a Certified Therapy Dog. Pisac has exciting adventures and experiences ahead of him!

Jeffrey has found his furever home!

Jeffrey, our football square mascot has scored his very own touchdown!

Jeffrey has officially found his fur-ever home!

We could not be more happy for him!
He now has an amazing mommy to call his own, and 2 brothers (Charlie & Maddox) to play with!

Lily, Now Known As Sophia, Has Found Her Fur-ever Home!

We are ecstatic to share the happy news that Lily, now known as Sophia, has found her fur-ever home!

We could not have asked for a more perfect home.
She is living the good life with her new brother, Buddy, and her new daddy, who is a well known American entertainment television host, reporter and advocate.  He has always chosen to adopt instead of shop and we are so grateful.

Cocoa has found her fur-ever home

We are ecstatic to share with you the happy news that Cocoa has found her fur-ever home!!

Cocoa was all tail wags and smiles when we arrived in her new home. She immediately recognized Mike & Julie as the nice people that came to visit her a few weeks ago. They had so many toys, yummy food, a comfy bed waiting for her.
We could not be happier for Cocoa!!

We are so grateful to all of her caretakers who have showered her with love, patience and guidance. This would not be possible without you.

Please Welcome Jeffrey!

Jeffrey has found his forever home!

Jeffrey is a Poodle/ Westie/ Terrier mix.
He is guesstimated to be between 2-3 years old and weighs about 12lbs.

He does take a bit to warm up as he is a bit cautious with new people. Once you have earned his trust, he becomes an extremely friendly, affectionate happy boy with a tail wag that goes a mile a minute.  He would do best in a home with no children under the age of 10.

He does not seem to know any commands but has learned to go to his crate at night to sleep. He is still learning his indoor manners with fewer accidents as each day passes.
He absolutely loves other dogs, big and small.

Please remember we can not adopt out of state because a home visit is a requirement. We require an at home evaluation and screening prior to adoption. We do this to ensure that our animals will go to safe forever homes.

We ask that you please email and inquire whether we are able to travel to your area.

If you are interested in providing Jeffrey a forever home, please fill out our adoption survey

This will expedite your inquiry as we are not able to return phone calls or emails during our own non volunteer working hours.

Mallie has found her forever home!


We truly believe that dogs choose their people.

It is with great joy and tears that we share the happy news that Mallie has found her forever home with the Good Samaritans that had found her!

This family never stopped thinking about her. They checked in daily with the local animal control to see if anyone had ever claimed her. When no one came forward, they pleaded to adopt her. Unfortunately, due to her condition, this was not an option.
We are grateful to Kristina for reaching out to our rescue and to Andrew for his honest evaluation.

Mallie had an incredible amount of skin issues. She was missing huge patches of fur throughout her body. Our vets were perplexed as she proved to be negative for mange, mites, demodex, scabies or ringworm. Their only conclusion is that she was burned with acid. Despite whatever trauma she has lived through, she remained gentle and sweet.

We are so honored to be a part of her journey. We are even more moved by her new family who didn’t care that she wasn’t perfect in appearance; they just knew that she needed to be loved and given a home and in that she is perfect to them.



Please welcome Mallie to Making A Difference Rescue.

This little girl was found dumped inside a Good Samaritan’s backyard. They had brought her to a local animal control in hopes that someone was looking for her. Whoever her previous owner was never came forward.

She was very timid at first, but has come out of her shell to give kisses and take treats. She is extremely sweet and attentive once she feels comfortable.

She is in bad shape. Significant amounts of hair loss, scabbing and her nails were way too long to be comfortable. We will update the results of her skin cultures when we receive them. It is unlike any that we have ever seen. Huge portions of dry hairless skin that cracks…we are not sure if they are chemical burns.

The vet guesstimates that she is between 1 and 2 years old. They believe that she is a Collie/ terrier mix with possible pit?

She will have a long road ahead of her. We are optimistic that with the proper care, nutrition and TLC, that her hair will grow back.
Many special thanks to her special angels who advocated for her.

If you would like to make a tax deductible donation to help towards her care, vetting and stay at the vet, we would be so grateful.



September 5, 2015
Cocoa has found her fur-ever home!


Cocoa is chocolate colored possibly pit bull/ lab mix.
She is about 1 years old.

She is a very happy girl and loves people of all ages.
She is dog friendly but is a bit timid with bigger dogs.
She will chase cats so a home without kitties is preferred.

She is already spayed, utd with all shots and is micro-chipped. She weighs 45lbs and is already housebroken.

She is not familiar with a crate but she’s learning. She is an energetic girl and is affectionate as can be.

Her previous owner found herself a single mom and could no longer care for her.

Cocoa had an angel that took her in and through a dear friend of MADR brought her into our rescue.

Please remember we can not adopt out of state because a home visit is a requirement. We require an at home evaluation and screening prior to adoption. We do this to ensure that our animals will go to safe forever homes.

We ask that you please call and inquire whether we are able to travel to your area.