Forever Loved

Zena, Forever Rest In Peace

Zena crossed the rainbow bridge early Saturday morning. 💔🐾

She lived a full life until just a couple days ago, she was rushed to the vet early on Saturday morning. It was her time, vet said that a tumor had ruptured and that she was bleeding internally. She had lost a lot of blood in a short period of time. Zena was a 15 year old big sweetheart. She was loyal and very friendly.

Zena is missed terribly by her loving family, they are all heartbroken. Losing Zena has especially affected her best friend, Roxy, a senior pit bull. She is grieving, she won’t eat or drink and is literally crying. They’ve been raised together since pups. 😢🐾

Our condolences go out to the Beavers Family. From our family to yours, we are very sorry for your family’s loss.




Run Free CeCe Lou


It is with the heaviest heart, that we share the sad news that Heaven has gained another Angel.

Sweet CeCe earned her wings tonight. We can not express in words our sorrow…It hurts…and there never seems to be enough time.
CeCe joined our rescue in late June of 2014. She was 10 years old, hadn’t been vetted in over 5 years, and lived inside a crate the majority of her life. She wasn’t fond of many people because of it and had many trust issues to overcome.

Her mommy Carson gave her the best life. She became a different dog that was eager to meet people, give kisses, accept other dogs, cats and even horses. She learned to walk on a leash, to sit, to trust. For the last year and a half, CeCe finally knew what it meant to be loved. She finally had the life that was always meant to be.

We thank Larry and his staff at Playful Pets Playtime, foster Lolitha, and to her mommy Carson for working so hard to make her whole.
Thank you Carson for loving her.
We are grieving with you.

From her mommy, “My sweet little fox died tonight. I’ve known for a while now that her heart would give out some day, and I tried my best to prepare for it. But of course I wasn’t ready to say goodbye.
“My sweet little fox died tonight. I’ve known for a while now that her heart would give out some day, and I tried my best to prepare for it. But of course I wasn’t ready to say goodbye.
It’s hard to believe we’ve been together less than a year and a half. In that time, she has been the biggest joy in my life, and the thing that gets me out of bed and facing the world every day. It’s hard to think about what even happens next.
Thank you all for helping me give her the best and happiest final year ever. Thank you for loving her with me.
Rest easy, My Cece Lou.”

Visiting Hours

Run Free Little Annie

Our hearts and prayers go out to The Sweeney family today who just lost their darling furbaby, Annie.

Thank you little Annie for taking in so many and loving our little Macho.

Run Free little one.

Jac…may you ride in style over the Rainbow Bridge

10384313_10205205233242049_2502625333987849389_nIt is with great sadness that we share that Jac has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.

Jac came to us a little over 4 years ago.
He had been an owner surrender and originally adopted from a local kill shelter.  We were able to find an adoptive home for him, but sadly the other dog in the household hurt poor Jac and it was agreed by all that it would be best to rehome him.

We made a commitment to him and found phenomenal fosters in our own MADR alumni.  We were so grateful for their heart and compassion as Jac developed trust issues with other dogs and people.  He needed patience, guidance and lots of confidence after living in so many homes for his 5 years of life.  We were even more overjoyed when they permanently made him a part of their family.

Jac was diagnosed with a heart murmur a few years back and was put on meds and diuretics to help with the fluid building up in his lungs. His parents knew that they didn’t have a lot of time left with him, but he continued to hang on through one heart failure and then another. This time, it was too much. They couldn’t put him through any more pain.  He was struggling throughout the night and this morning and there was no longer quality of life.  They gave him the best gift other than his forever home…dignity.
They were with Jac until the very end.
Thank you Erik and April.

Ride Free Jac!

Forever Rest In Peace, Duke.

Update: 11/2014
We are so saddened and sick to report that we were misled.  Duke’s new owner without reaching out to us or giving us the opportunity to assist or retrieve him has done the unthinkable and euthanized him.  We are all grieving and so angry.
Duke, we tried our best to keep you safe.  This is not what we wanted for you.
You will always be loved.



Yayyyy!! We are thrilled to announce that Duke, our 3 legged fur-friend has finally found his fur-ever home! Words can not describe how happy that we are for Duke. He has fur-friends to play with and he adores his new mom. Without a doubt, God’s timing is always perfect.Stacey – You gave Duke a temp home for many months that kept him from the stress of boarding. You took care of him when no one at that time stepped up to help Duke. Thank you for opening your home as long as you could and for loving Duke. We are so sorry for the loss of your Mother. You and Tony are in our thoughts and prayers.

Cindy & Abbey – Thank you for all your time and the many walks with Duke when he had to go back to boarding. Cindy, The day that you prayed that special prayer over Duke, Haley came into Duke’s life…Once again, God’s timing is always perfect.

Haley – Thank you for opening your heart and home to Duke. You believed in him and have already brought out more of his wonderful qualities. Duke has a very caring and loving home with you.

Many thanks to all who have helped Duke during his long journey. We are very thankful and appreciate to the ones who believed in Duke and didn’t give up on him. He finally received what we had hoped for him…a forever home.

Oreo Bagley, Forever Loved

OreoOreo Bagley
11/11/04- 9/30/14

It is with a heavy heart that we share with you that our rescue founder, Liz Bagley and her family lost another of their beloved family,
With dignity and love, they made the painful decision to help their beloved Oreo cross over the rainbow bridge today so she can be free from pain and be whole again.

We have no words to ease Liz and her family’s pain. It has been the most difficult last few weeks for them. They are still in mourning over Brownie, who just passed away less than 2 weeks ago.
Oreo was rescued as a puppy…and this special girl watched the children grow up, graduate school, and was a constant through out their lives. This special doggie would look up at you with her soulful eyes, and in that moment, all was right in the world.

We ask that you keep the Bagley family in your hearts and in your prayers. Please respect their need to grieve and understand that they need their time to mourn.

Run free Oreo….we know somewhere up there you are racing against the others to call Shot Gun and take over the front seat. You were always the best co-pilot.

Much love,
MADR volunteers

Brownie, Forever Loved


We are so saddened to share the news that Brownie, one of our rescue sanctuary dogs passed away this morning.

Brownie came to our rescue severely traumatized by the abuse that she suffered in her previous home. Our rescue founder, Liz and her family, decided it best that she be cared for and remain in their own home to keep her safe. Stability was crucial so that she could learn to trust and she truly learned the meaning of love these past few years.

It has been heartbreaking to know and hear Liz’s pain. Brownie continually suffered from seizures and her heart took a turn these past few months……Liz said it best, “I’ve spent my life helping and rescuing animals whenever I can…and yet I can not save my own”.

Please keep Liz and her family in your hearts and prayers.
Run Free Brownie…..
– MADR Volunteers

Below is a post from Liz’s personal page.

“This pic of Brownie was taken last week.
I’ve been up with brownie since 3:30 AM, she fell back to sleep for awhile but I didn’t. For some reason I just felt restless. As we both laid in bed she woke from a sleep with having one of her episodes at 5 AM…this time I couldn’t bring her out of it. She fought so hard till the end making it even more upsetting. I told her it’s ok Grandma Billie is waiting for you on the other side so you won’t be alone. She didn’t want to leave, but my little Brownie passed away at 7:35 AM.

She didn’t act right all day yesterday but she’s bounced back many times. The last couple of hours have been some of the most horrible heartbreaking moments filled with so many mixed emotions. Please say a prayer for the broken hearts that she left behind, especially mine.

Brownie I loved you soooo much & I don’t regret anything I’ve done for you. I’m so glad I rescued you from the abuse that you were living before, you deserved so much better than you had in your younger years. I couldn’t change your past but I know from the day I rescued you that you felt spoiled and loved in our home. You were my constant faithful little friend and my snuggle buddy for almost 5 years…my heart will never be the same. I miss you so much already, your little kisses, you followed me everywhere, even to the bathroom and I even miss your little growl. Love hurts.

RIP Brownie . You will forever be in my heart.”-
Liz Bagley
Making A Difference Rescue Founder

Run Free Honey Bear

HoneyRIP Honey – You will forever be missed and will always have a special place in our hearts!

Today our rescue received the message below from Jane and Ray. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

We wanted you to be the first to know that our sweet Honey passed away yesterday. You all loved her and were so instrumental in bringing her to us for which we will always be grateful. She had been diagnosed with lymphoma at the end of July and the cancer obviously spread very quickly. Honey was a trooper through it all still demanding her walks and playing in the backyard until Wednesday. We knew the day that she refused to play and to be out with the other dogs that her spirit was flowing away. She was adorable until the end, still able to eat a treat but the tumors were making it hard for her to breath and her energy was zapped. She died peacefully in our arms. We knew when we adopted a senior that our time with her would be shorter than with a younger dog. But Honey wove her magic and made the 2 years and 8 months that we had her feel like a lifetime. We miss her terribly but know she is at peace. Thank you for all you did for Honey!
Jane & Ray

Run Free, Grace!

GraceIt is with very heavy hearts that we share with you that Grace (Marney) has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Grace joined our rescue in May of 2011.
She was brought to a kill shelter where she did not fare well. She was a senior and in bad shape with layer upon layer of old and new scabs.
We were so thankful for her foster Mommy Erin, and her family who stepped up to foster her as well as another. And we were more than thankful when they decided that they could not part with her and gave her a much needed forever home.
Grace learned trust and gave it all back with love by helping new fosters acclimate in her home.
Thank you Erin and family for giving her the best 2.5 years that she has ever had.