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Romeo Is In Search of His forever Home

Please welcome Romeo to Making A Difference Rescue!
Romeo is a 50lb, 1-year-old male Shepherd mix.
Romeo is micro chipped, neutered, uptd on vaccinations, and Heartworm negative.
Romeo has done well with dogs and children.
He is super friendly and is high energy.
He knows his basic commands and is currently working on his inside manners and leash skills.
He would do best in a home with a high fence and not an electric fence.
If you are interested in Romeo and live in the Channahon or Chicago Area,
Please apply below.

Tinkerbell Is In Search Of Her Forever Home

Update 2/14/18

Tinkerbell is a 10-year-old Throwback Pomeranian.
She currently weighs 13lbs. She is extremely affectionate with people that she trusts.
She is very loyal and walks well on a leash. She will go outside and use pads 90% of the time.
She is not fully housebroken.
Tinkerbell is in search of a quiet forever home without small infants, toddlers, or young children.
She has lived with cats in the past and is currently fostered in a home with other dogs.
That being said, she is extremely dog selective and unfortunately, fearless.
She has no qualms bullying other dogs regardless of their size.
She insists on eating with the rest of the pack but will guard her bowl around other dogs.
It is in her best interest to be in a home without any other dogs.
She would not do well in an apartment or condo situation as she will bark incessantly when frightened during storms and absolutely hates fireworks.
If you are interested in providing Tinkerbell a forever home and live within 30 miles of Chicago, please fill out our adoption survey.

Please help us help Shorty


Shorty is a 15 year old Pomeranian that was surrendered to a local kill facility in late June of 2014. At 15 years old, he is still feisty, happy and full of energy. He can run up and down stairs and has proven to get along with dogs of all sizes, cats, children and people.
We as a rescue have been shocked that applicants have withdrawn their applications because he is still full of life and mobile.

On 1/4/16, Shorty developed a large swelling under his right eye. We brought him into our vet and discovered that he had a Carnassial Tooth Abscess in the 4th premolar. His back teeth are fused together by tartar build up. This is extensive and major surgery, especially for a dog of his age.

He had one round of blood panel and urinalysis and the vet has placed him on 2 weeks antibiotics to prepare him for surgery. He will then be subjected to another round of blood tests and xrays to be sure that is heart is not enlarged because he has a slight heart murmur. These need to be performed in order to ensure his survival.

We’d like to ask for your help.
Making A Difference Rescue is a Non-Profit Organization
that is funded solely by donations made by the public.
We are a 501(c)3 and all donations are tax deductible.

We have several fundraisers set up.
Snap It Forward has generously set up a page to donate 35% of their jewelry sales to our rescue to help.
We will also be featured at the BarkBox Comedy event on January 21, 2016 at Chicago Party Animals Loft Venue.

You may also donate here.
or here…/…/128953167177144/

Thank you.

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Bessie is in search of her forever home

Bessie also known as Penny was born June 22, 2015. She currently weighs 5.5lbs.

She is a Chihuahua/Yorkie/Beagle mix.(momma = Yorkie/Beagle mix and daddy = purebred Chihuahua)

She is more timid than her litter mates. This little one was the runt of her litter. She is easily startled by sounds and takes longer to adjust to new people, places and experiences.

She thrives in the company of other dogs. She needs to be around confident dogs to learn from. We have learned that she is food motivated. Cheese works wonders.

She is going through her puppy stages and is doing much better with her inside manners.

She would do best in a quiet home with another confident dog. Due to her timidness and fear issues, we feel that she would be happiest in a home that isn’t over stimulated with children and multiple guests coming in and out.

She is extremely affectionate and loving with those that have gained her trust.

If you are interested in adopting, please complete our adoption inquiry form.

Application, screening and home visit is required before an adoption can be approved. She will be UPTD with vaccinations and spayed.

Inquiries must be within a reasonable distance of Channahon, IL.

No out of state inquiries accepted.

Charlie is in search of his forever home

Charlie was born on June 22, 2015. He currently weighs 6.5lbs.

He is a Chihuahua/Yorkie/Beagle mix. (momma = Yorkie/Beagle mix and daddy = purebred Chihuahua)

Charlie is a typical happy, outgoing, curious puppy. He does take time to warm up and is extremely attached to his person.

He has lots of puppy energy and will need more training and help to learn his indoor manners. He does prefer women to men.

If you are interested in adopting, please complete our adoption inquiry form.

Application, screening and home visit is required before an adoption can be approved.

Inquiries must be within a reasonable distance of Chicago, IL.

No out of state inquiries accepted.

Welcome Charlie, Lily, Bessie & Roscoe to our rescue.

11998868_10154212645958012_1158057668203092106_nThese adorable puppies were born June 22, 2015 and are 10 weeks old today. They are looking for fur-ever homes.

They are Chihuahua/Yorkie/Beagle mix and they are so sweet! (momma = Yorkie/Beagle mix and daddy = purebred Chihuahua)

Our rescue just took them in yesterday so right away they all had their 1st vetting appointment.

If you are interested in adopting, please complete our adoption inquiry form.
A home visit is required before an adoption. Inquiries must be within a reasonable distance.
No out of state inquiries accepted.



Shorty says “Hear Me Roar”!

Shorty says, “Hear me roar!!”

Shorty is an amazing 14 year young Pomeranian that gets along with dogs of all sizes. He is great with children, walks well on leash, and knows sit, lie down, and come.
He is mostly house-broken and crate-trained.

Many thanks to Jeraul of Liberation Press for the fabulous hair cut!

Max has his photos taken!

Max is a sweet, snugly and chill, four-year-old, 46-pound, male black and white Pit Bull Terrier/Lab-mix looking for a loving guardian.

Max’s best friend in his foster home is a nine-year-old boy whose bed he shares each night. He’s an amazing and affectionate dog who is full of tail wags and wiggles. He thinks he’s a lap dog.

Max is well-trained and knows the commands sit, down and paw. Max is perfectly housebroken and crate trained. His foster family crates him when they are not home as he still likes to chew on items like socks and underwear.

He has no anxiety issues; he can deal with fireworks, revving motorcycles, and other loud noises. But, he does have a strong prey drive so he needs a home without cats.  While he gets along with other dogs for the most part, he does resource guard items from other dogs (bones, toys). So, ideally he would be best as the one and only pet in the home.

Max is extremely healthy, neutered, up-to-date on vaccines, micro-chipped and heartworm-tested.

To meet and possibly adopt Max, please fill in an adoption application


Max has been waiting patiently for his forever home.  He has been with our rescue for 780 days.
He’s an amazing and affectionate dog… and though he has received many applications, none so far fits the criteria for what we are looking for.  We are holding out for the right home.

Max is 100% housebroken and crate trained.
He has no anxiety issues.
He can deal with fireworks, revving motorcycles, and other loud noises.

He needs a home with NO cats.
He needs a high fence if there is a yard as he has a high prey drive for rabbits, squirrels and rodents.

He is great with other dogs but prefers dogs his own size or smaller.  He does have resource issues with other dogs when high value bones are involved.

He must also be crated when left unsupervised as he will chew socks, underwear, shoes and blankets.

He is truly a phenomenal and loving dog.

Titan is in search of his forever home.

Hi there!
My name is Titan and I am one years old.
I am the nicest pit bull you will meet.
I love hugs and kisses and if you let me I will put my head on your lap and fall asleep.

I live with my foster mommy & daddy, 2 smaller brothers (chi mix) and Luna-cat.
I love them all but I don’t play with Luna- she scares me
I am very healthy and I love walks and being outside in the yard. When we all go out for a walk I stay right by my family’s side. I don’t bark at people, my little brothers do that enough already…

Sometimes we go to this big park where we don’t have to be on the leash and we can just run around! I like it there but I always stay with my foster mommy…that place is so big that I am afraid to get lost.
Lots of other doggies go there too and we all play and when it is warm I like to swim and play fetch with my little brother Abbas.

Sometimes my foster mom and dad have to leave for work and they leave us in our crates. I like mine, it’s big and cozy and I always get a treat when I am there. When mom leaves us, we all go to sleep.

My foster mom says I am a good boy and when we get ready for dinner I like to talk to her in my doggie language. She says it’s funny.

Overall I am a good boy and if you have some treats and toys I am sure I would like them too, but even better if you like being outside like I do and then we could run together to the woof-finity and beyond!

If you are interested in providing Titan a forever home,
Please fill out our online survey:
Please be aware that we do not adopt out of state. We do require screening and an at home visit.